Things 1 – 4: iGoogle and Blogging

Set up your Google ID

I had already set up a Google ID from a previous WISER session, so had pretty much got the page set up with some basic stuff. I had, however, almost forgotten about it!

Customise your iGoogle page so that it contains at least 5 gadgets

On my iGoogle page, I added a calender, calculator, and the weather forecast. Not the most interesting of extras! I had previously, however, put on an RSS feed, with some blogs which sprung to mind. In total I have about 6 gadgets on the page, but I don’t think I will be adding any more.

The SSL actually has it’s own iGoogle page, so I use this really frequently. It has been in place for quite a while, so has a lot of the most useful things I would need already on there. For example, term dates, or a big long list of useful bookmarks that we will often need to answer the varied and tricky queries readers bring to the issue desk!

Create your own 23 Things blog and make your first post

Pretty self-explanatory!
Register your 23 Things blog and explore others

The other trainees’ blogs can be found here

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