Thing 19 & 20: Office 2.0

Office 2.0 refers to internet-based Document applications. These are internet-based, so can be accessed on any computer online; they are part of the ‘cloud’

Thing 19: Create a Google Document

I have heard a few people refer to Google Docs, and it seems like a brilliant idea for group work or ongoing drafts. I tried out a couple of the document types, and they were very easy to use.

I signed in with my Google account, which appears to be a very useful thing to have. I think every ‘Thing’, except maybe Youtube, has been accessable through this account. It’s a shame I signed up with my Oxford email address, so I’ll be updating my account before it expires so I can keep all my accounts.

Some of the people I know who use Google Docs are Library School students, and they find it useful when they are contributing to group work. Not only are these documents available to you online, it is possible to share them with others, and they can also contribute. It does make a lot more sense than emailing work back and forth, and you know it is always the most up to date version.

I have used sites online before to store documents, but never to store and create/update. I think I will definately be using this tool when I start my studies.

Thing 20: ThinkFree Office

ThinkFree Office  looked a lot more like Microsoft Office, but took a bit longer to set up. Only slightly though, which involved installing it through Java. The site was a bit more swish than Google Docs, but they essentially do the same thing.
The look of this site would probably appeal more to some people if they are more familiar with Office, but personally I preferred Google Docs, for simplicity as I imagine I would be using it for drafts or taking notes in seminars at university.

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