Good luck to the 2011/12 trainees

The next cohort of trainees have started, and I must admit I am envious! I enjoyed my trainee year so much, I would happily have carried on for another year. But I am very excited to be starting library school later this month in Sheffield.

Just before we finished, we had a year in review session. This was an opportunity to let Staff Development know the good and bad things we experiences throughout the year. It was also a chance to put together some advice for this year’s trainees. In that session, I think the main thing we all thought was to seize the opportunities given throughout this year. I really enjoyed snooping round other libraries, and the sheer number of other trainees really allows that.  Plus it’s a good excuse for an hour or so out of the library!

Another thing to be prepared for, at least working in the SSL, is that you will become a photocopier engineer.

I personally found it useful to remind myself that, as important as working in a library is, it is still just a job. Sometimes the library will get crazy busy and it will seem like the end of the world if you get something wrong, but it really isn’t. Try to leave the stress of work at work. And remember, it will all get quiet again in vacation!

The traineeship, and working in the SSL, was wonderful, and has really fuelled my interest in the libraries/information profession. Good luck to this year’s lot, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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