The First Fortnight

2012-06-27 11.03.21

I’ve finished my first two weeks on the MA Librarianship course!

I’ve actually been in Sheffield now for two & 1/2 weeks, but the title would no longer be alliterative. In any case, I’ve done two lots of my lectures.

Fresher’s week was really fun, though I am such a postgraduate. I steadfastly avoided any school disco nights, beach themes, or other such ‘let’s get wasted’ events, instead opting for lovely sounding coffee mornings and many films. Boring, right?! The freshers are all so young- I feel very old, I wonder if I look old to them?!

The first week of the course actually only took place over two, reasonably busy, days. I think this is to help part-time students so they don’t have to travel in too much. It means I’m very tired by the end of those days, but I can get on with work on my days ‘off’.

The modules seem interesting, to varying degrees. I am very much enjoying Libraries, Information and Society, because it is taught in a similar way to my Sociology undergrad, and covers similar topics. I am also enjoying Information Literacy & Information Resources. I had no idea what information literacy was before I started (essentially, being able to source, evaluate and present information), but it seems to be a fascinating area with lots of current research going on.

Management for Library and Information Services is actually more interesting than it sounds, though I must admit not my favourite module. One of the assignments is applying, short listing, and interviewing for a pretend job, which sounds a little daunting but a lot of fun. I am also studying Information Retrieval (search engines and digital libraries), which is quite techy, but I can see it is really useful to know about. I am enjoying learning about the ‘magic’ that happens when you run a search.

We have also been set a test essay. The question is the same across the Information School, but the question is very open to your own interpretation. It’s unassessed, but that hasn’t stopped us all panicking a bit.

At the moment the course seems a similar workload in terms of reading as my undergrad, but with a lot more assignments. I feel that every time I’ve got all my work done, we’re sent more! Hopefully careful time management and organisation will see me through.

Speaking of time management, I have signed up to way too many societies. But that’s what uni’s all about, right? I am a paid member of the Postgraduate Society, the Cooking Society, and the Sci-fi & Fantasy Society. I also considered the Socialist Students Society. They said “Are you interested in Socialism?” I couldn’t lie, I am, but I am not a very politically active person so I am only on the mailing list, and might attend particular events, but not everything.

I really like what I’ve seen of Sheffield so far. I am, however, struggling with cooking for one. I haven’t had to do it regularly for about three years, and all my meals so far have been able to comfortably feed two people. Thank God for Tupperware and plentiful freezer space.

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