Information Literacy in my Future Career

As part of my ‘Information Resources and Information Literacy’ module, we were asked to produce group posters on how information literacy would be relevant to our future careers, which were then displayed in an event which some of the Information School attended.

In my group there were four of us. Although we all wanted generally wanted to work in libraries, it was quite interesting to see how varied it was in the type of library we would prefer.

Our poster – click for larger image

For our poster we decided on the design I suggested (woo!), which was using the seven SCONUL Pillars of Information Literacy in an Acropolis style building, with ourselves standing atop, supported by information literacy. I must say, the poster was fantastic. Props to my team-mate Jen especially, who did a lot of work on it at home.

It was really interesting to see everyone else’s posters, and it was fascinating to see how different the career paths were for the class. 

One particular poster I was very impressed with looked at Information Literacy in relation to working as an Information Manager. I was gushing about this poster for ages after the event, because everything on it was so well thought out and meantsomething.

Team F's poster
The boxes along the side go into detail about what skills are relevant to the profession and how they would be used by an Information Manager. The Matrix style design in the background is used to represent how society is built on information in today’s world. In the characters, the words ‘Information Literacy’ is written in different languages.
The figure in the centre is wearing glasses and headphones to show how information is multi-sensory, and the Godfather style puppet strings in the corner are meant to convey how an Information Manager controls and manages information.
I really enjoyed this poster event. It came at just the right time, as I think everyone’s energy has been lagging this week – I definitely know mine has! Playing with colouring in, and talking about what we want to be when we grow up, was much nicer than a lecture!

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