#cpd23 Thing 4 – Current awareness

Thing 4 explores Twitter, RSS feeds and Storify. I’ve used all these before, to a greater or lesser extent, so I will say briefly how and why I use them.


I use Twitter pretty much everyday. I have it on my phone, which makes keeping up-to-date very easy, and I also receive notifications when someone @replies me. I don’t think I use it to its full potential; for example, I don’t use lists.

Although quite a lot of the time I do tweet about something inane, I do use it mainly for networking and for following interesting events and issues. I have gotten the most out of Twitter when I started using it more for following LIS people.

I have this blog set up so it’s posts to Twitter when I publish a new post. I’ve noticed from the site stats that a lot of my views come from Twitter, so this is clearly working!

If anyone would like to follow me on Twitter, you can find me @Kangarooth.

RSS Feeds

This is one I don’t use as much as I should. My Sheffield University email is hosted by Google, so I can easily access Google Reader. However, I set one up last year, so I’d rather not subscribe to the same things on a new reader.

I tend to forget about my Google Reader, then when I do remember, there’s no way I can read all of the new posts! It is, though, a fantastic way to aggregate all the blogs you enjoy reading, rather than searching each one out, and having to remember them. I really must get back in the habit of using it to read blogs.


Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my laptop. I’m going to have a play around and see if I can’t get it working. But for now, I’ll just say that I have used it very briefly once before, and it seemed a very straightforward and intuitive tool, that I hope to investigate more when I’m able. I can see the benefits of it for getting information across, and there are some great examples out there, such as this one for CPD23 Thing 4!

When I can get it working, I’ll have a play, and perhaps post it to here as a supplementary blog post 🙂

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