SLA 2012 preparations

It is only 10 days now until I fly to Chicago for the Special Libraries Association annual conference, courtesy of SLA Europe and the Business & Finance Division.

“If I take one more step, it’ll be the farthest away from home I’ve ever been”.

This is going to be my first:

  • conference
  • time in America
  • solo flight (though the other ECCAs are on the same flight).

So you can probably imagine I’m a teensy bit nervous, but also incredibly excited!

My preparations so far have been scheduling my time at the conference itself, which quite handily can be done online. You set up a sort of ‘profile’, to which I just add the sessions I’m interested it. This doesn’t count as signing up to the sessions, but its a useful way of building up your days, and seeing what your friends are going to!

Currently, I’ve added everything that I’m even vaguely interested in (there’s so much!), and I’ll narrow it down closer to the time. Though, it apparently doesn’t hurt to have back up choices, as it’s ok to walk out of sessions at American conferences if they’re not for you (not sure whether I’ll actually do this, I’d feel too mean!).

Something else I was sure to do was getting business cards. Having not worked as a professional, this had never even crossed my mind. But now I have them, I quite like it! Vistaprint had an offer for 250 cards for just the P&P, so I have loads! I wasn’t really sure what to include on them, but I settled on my email address, blog and Twitter, as well as a short ‘tagline’ under my name.

My business cards, and a little holder for them

I’m sure I’m not the only one to also worry about what to wear. I was actually in need of a wardrobe revamp, as I wanted some smart-casual clothes for when I finish library school. I’ve heard from many sources that American conference centres turn up the air conditioning to combat the high temperatures outside, so I’ve tried to layer!

I just need to get a significant chunk of my dissertation done before I go. I’d rather not be working on it while I’m out there, but I do have a couple of long flights, which might be the perfect opportunity…

So with only 10 days to go, I am definitely counting down now! Expect lots of blog posts when I get back (and a few more before I go, as I try desperately, and futilely, to catch up with CPD23)

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