#cpd23 Thing 9 – Evernote

Credit: http://dft.ba/-2_2o

I hadn’t used Evernote before, and have since installed it on my computer. I think this is one of those tools that work best when you integrate it into your routine. Having read some other CPD23 posts for this Thing, it seems it’s a very useful tool, and a lot of people have praised it.

I don’t use other devices to access the Internet, so my need to aggregate web content into one place is small. This limits my need to use Evernote somewhat. However, when I am working after library school, it is highly likely I will be using a computer for a large portion of the day, and Evernote will use useful to store content and notes, and share these between my work and home computers.

As such, I will have a further play around on Evernote, and see if it can solve any of my problems, and become part of my routine!

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