Sheffield: the best bits

Not a librarianship post, but this may be of use to upcoming Sheffield library-schoolers.

My housemates and I have started to compile a bucket list of things to do in Sheffield, so thought I’d share, in no particular order, a few of my favourite places in Sheffield.

The Winter Garden

Image credit:

The Winter Garden is a beautiful and impressive building. It’s a lovely place to stroll through when you’re in town, or to cower in to avoid the rain!

This lovely indoor botanic garden is in the centre of the city, and also has access to the Millennuim Gallery (and a Fancie cupcake stall; see below!).


So many flavours!

There are three Fancie shops in Sheffield (and I noticed the cafe in the Students’ union has started selling them too). I usually visit the one on Sharrow Vale road, but the one in Meadowhall shopping centre is very convenient too!

These beautiful cupcakes are so delicious, but be prepared; you may feel a little sick after finishing a whole one!

Revolucion de Cuba

Prohibition style cocktails

If you like cocktails and you like tea (I’m assuming you’re probably a librarian, so let’s say you do), this is the place for you! Prohibition style cocktails served in teapots – what fun!

This bar is also well located, as it’s close to uni and just off West Street, probably the centre for student night life.

The Peak District

View from Treak Cliff Cavern in December

Sheffield is so well located for getting to the beautiful Peak District. Buses and train go regularly, so it’s easy to explore and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

This photo was taken when my housemates and I visited Treak Cliff Cavern in Castleton at Christmas, for carol singing in the caves. Buxton’s also lovely – and on a very bouncy bus ride from Sheffield!


That’s me!

Climbing is huge in Sheffield, I suspect because of its proximity to the Peaks.

One of my housemates went indoor climbing regularly, so I recently had a go to cross it off the list!

It was a lot of fun, and I’d definitely go again if I get the chance. There are climbing societies at the university, so that’d be a great way to get involved or to try for the first time, which I highly recommend.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Image credit:

The gardens, which are free, are a lovely place to have a wander. Try to find the bear pit!

The Gardens are close to the student villages, so are easy walking distance and a great place to go when you have visitors (or build snowmen in the winter!).



Feel free to comment with your favourite places in Sheffield if you’ve visited before, or ask any questions about it if you’re thinking of coming here to study.


  1. I’d add to your bit about the Winter Gardens and Millennium Galleries – the cafe there does the most amazing veggie “fish” and chips: deep fried battered chucks of halloumi. Delicious! I recommend it to everyone who goes there!
    Also, if its still there, the Indian Chef in Crooks… great curry!
    Interval Bar in the Union (again, if its still there). A great alternative to Bar One, and they do (or did do) great nachos and breakfasts.
    Visit Beanies, the wholefoods shop (Crooks Valley Road). I worked there once. They do good stuff and nice ethical people.
    Oh and go to the Peace Gardens on a hot day and paddle in the fountains.
    Take a walk down Division Street. Cool shops and head into the Forum.
    Tippett Lane Wine Bar also a pretty good place.
    Sorry, these are mostly food related. Happy memories! Hadn’t heard of Revolucion de Cuba, so if I’m ever back in Shef, I’ll head there!

  2. Yes, should have put Interval on my list, really love the hot chocolate and the pizzas there. I much prefer it to Bar One. I’ll have to add these to my bucket list (not sure I’ll have time for them all though!)

  3. Very cool. Thanks for this! I used to live around the corner from the Botanical Gardens and always found them a great place to wander, relax, and read. I’m off to Sheffield in a couple of weeks so I might try to hit some of these places (deep fried halloumi sounds like a must!).

  4. On another foodie note I’d add Greedy Greek Deli on Sharrow Vale Road.

    A trip to watch the Sheffield Steelers play ice hockey should be on a to do list. Something I always meant to do and never got round to.

    Also Kelham Island brewery tour (I think they only do organise private tours so note to anyone reading this who is starting Sheffield this year, look out for students union organised trips there during the year!)

  5. Thanks for this! I’m moving to Sheffield in a couple of weeks and am always on the lookout for foodie recommendations 🙂 Although I grew up in the Peak District, I am looking forward to experiencing Sheffield as an adult/student so any tips are welcome. One of my favourite places when I was a sixth-former in Sheffield was the Blue Moon Cafe by the cathedral which did lovely veggie food, which I think is still there!

  6. Another food recommendation – head down London Road. There’s a ton of restaurants, from Turkish to Vietnamese to Caribbean and more! A lot of them offer a student discount too. Pho 68 is great and always busy, which is a good sign –

    Also, I can’t believe you didn’t add Meadowhall (or Meadowhell as locals call it). Shopping heaven! Plus it has Boost Juice for the best smoothies.

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