The end of library school, and the start of real life

On Monday morning I handed in my dissertation for my Librarianship Masters. It was a long time coming, but I got there in the end. My acknowledgements page does not do justice to the support my housemates gave me as I slowly went (more) insane. I think all that proof-reading nearly killed my boyfriend; I’m sure he never wants to read about libraries again.

Here she is, in all her glory (yes, a she):

I’ve been finished for about four days now, and I still wake up feeling like I’ve forgotten something, or worse panicking I made a mistake (most recently: Did the margins copy over to PDF?! Yes. Yes they did). I’m trying to enjoy my week off, since it’s probably my last break now before Christmas, but I’m finding it hard to adjust to having nothing to do!

I’ll be sad to move out of Sheffield. It’s been a lovely year, and my flat is a great spot to survive a zombie apocalypse. But I’m excited to start my new job, and move down south where I don’t sound quite so posh.

So I’m no longer a student, and am about to embark on real life and adulthood. I’m sure it will feel exactly the same, but more stressful.


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