University of Bergen Staff Mobility Week: Day 2

Sharing success stories

[Day 1 can be found here]

The second day of the Staff Mobility Week was the first day of the Library group programme. It was opened by Library Director Ole Gunnar Evensen (starring in the videos below). He introduced the Library, and its current projects and accomplishments, and showed the Magic of the Library video, which won silver in the annual IFLA marketing award:

We were also introduced to
Search and Write (Sok og scriv), an information literacy and skills platform, and the newly launched PhD on Track, a hub of information and resources for PhD students.

The first workshop was the presentations from participants on Marketing the Library, its Resources and Services. The brief was:

The headline will be: “Marketing YOUR library and its resources and services” […] We would like to hear about fun and creative ways of promoting your library. Please share smart and incredible success-stories as well as spectacular failures. In a way, this will be “Story time”.

We heard about recent social media developments at the University, as well as from the other participants from around Europe, including outreach, events, and new buildings. To demonstrate some innovative marketing at the UoB Libraries: A Plagiarism Carol  – most cast members are Library staff!

[Turn ‘Captions’ on for English subtitles]

We broke for lunch, which we enjoyed in the beautiful museum gardens. Unfortunately, the sun made me a bit sleepy for the following session! A good dose of tea and biscuits put that right, though.

The second workshop was Reference management – Best practice? The discussion was on reference management software training, primarily EndNote. It was great to hear that we all have the same challenges, regardless of our country.

The evening activity was a hiking trip up to Mount Fløien. There is a funicular that runs up and down Fløien at an incredible incline.


I am not usually one for exercise, or any physical activity to be honest, but the hike was well worth it for the view, and the ice cream at the top. It was a relatively easy (very relative!) hike, but I still had a great sense of achievement at the top. 


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