University of Bergen Staff Mobility Week, Day 5

Hade – Goodbye

[Check out the rest of my week here]

The final day was actually quite emotional. No one could quite believe the week had come to an end already.

It started with a visit to the social sciences library to discuss information literacy teaching. It was an interesting and lively discussion. One of the group brought along an iPad, so we were able to compare how our libraries display our list of databases and get ideas for avoiding simply an A-Z list. Our website, for example, has an A-Z list, but also collates key databases into subject guides, along with other useful information such as relevant call numbers, useful websites and key resources.

Again I was struck by the subject knowledge held by the librarians at the University of Bergen, where librarians have postgraduate degrees in their liaison subjects, often PhDs. I’ve always held a good librarian can be a librarian for any subject, but often I’d like more subject knowledge at times!

After another lovely lunch (though strawberries on smoked salmon?!) the three groups converged on the Egg lecture theatre for summaries, a photo presentation and goodbyes.

The library group, somewhat infamous after the previous night’s shenanigans, had recorded a summary video, on top of Fløien. We hadn’t seen the video in full since recording it, so we were relieved when we all looked fairly sober and sensible. The video is lovely, each of us describing what we’ve gotten out of SMW. I hope to post it once it becomes publicly available.

The other two groups, health & safety and IT, also seemed to have had great experiences. After the presentations of certificates, including a photo of the library group for Britt-Inger our host, the end was here. It came so quickly! I had flashbacks of leaving university, no one wanting to be the first to leave.

We’ve kept in touch since, sharing photos and emails. I made friends at SMW, and I really hope to see them again soon.

The library group

I’d really like to thank the University of Bergen for hosting a fantastic week that I left feeling inspired and enthusiastic. Thank you, too, to the university’s library staff, who were so generous not just with the activities they laid on but also their time.

If you work in higher education and are interested in attending an Erasmus funded visit to a European university, speak with your international/study abroad office. Is a fantastic opportunity for cpd and developing networks, but also for getting an objective view on your own work practices – if you have to explain then to someone, out makes you see them from the outside.

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