Articulating an e-learning story

Part of my new job role will be getting involved with creating e-learning tutorials for our clients. We’re hoping to make some library/information literacy tutorials, but first it looks like I’ll be helping out with a project with the Learning & Development team, which is a great opportunity to get to grips with it all. We’re using a great piece of software called Articulate Storyline, which allows for creative, dynamic e-learning.

A short while ago I attended a training session on Articulate Storyline down in Southampton. Before the training I downloaded the trial version and watched tutorials, but was really interesting to hear from other staff who have used it successfully, and to see it in action.

Some take home messages from the training, apart from the technical know-how:

It’s called Storyline for a reason – tell a story.
It’s really important to storyboard. This will make your project flow, and also make creation a lot easier. It’s possible to just transpose a Powerpoint presentation into Storyline, but that really isn’t making the most of what it can do.

The community is really supportive and helpful.
I’ve joined the E-learning heroes community. It seems very supportive, creative and a friendly bunch of people. The forums are full of people discussing simple and complex questions and techniques, and I wouldn’t feel intimidated asking a question on it.

There are loads of resources and help available.
There are lots of tutorials, templates and downloads available. The tutorials I watched from the free trial version are really useful. Don’t waste time meticulously making a detailed object on Storyline, when someone has probably already make it and posted it on the community.

I learnt in school, doing my art GCSE, that I am not particularly creative in terms of original ideas, but I can recreate pretty well. With Articulate Storyline, it was so valuable to see what is possible with it. Now I’ve been talked through its features, and explored templates and downloadable objects in the community, I am excited about getting started on building my own tutorials. 


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