I’m Chartered!

Back in April I wrote the post Chartership submitted, and now the wait, but thankfully CILIP didn’t make me wait too long to find out that I’m now a Chartered Librarian!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

However, I did have an agonising wait for about a week and a half – I wasn’t in when the postman needed a signature for my certificate, so my neighbour kindly signed for it. But we didn’t manage to cross paths before I jetted off to Vancouver for the SLA conference! I could see an envelope from CILIP through his window – so close yet so far away! Thankfully, a friend spotted my name in CILIP Update and put me out of my misery.

The Chartership process was valuable and I’m glad I’ve done it, although it was hard work at times. It formalised my continuing professional development activities, encouraged me to reflect on my work, and gave me an excuse to pursue activities and training that weren’t strictly related to my job but were an area I was interested in or felt I needed to develop.

I got through Chartership fairly quickly, taking a little over a year. I had a good motivation to tie it all up, having started a new job partway through the process – wait too long, and I’d need to re-do a lot of my PPDP. In the end, the majority of my portfolio was from the time in my old job, with a smattering of things from my new post. In fact, comparison of the two provided a nice structure for parts of my statement.

So what’s next? I’ve put a reminder in my diary for about a year’s time, to look into revalidating. I’m keeping a log of my CPD to make it easier when that rolls around. I also want to become a CILIP mentor, so I am excited for when training dates are announced.


  1. Many congratulations!
    I’ve been following your Blog while I am writing up my portfolio. I found our Blog very helpful!

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