Playlists for life

imageAs it is Christmastime, this is a light-hearted post about a lovely initiative I just found out about.

My colleague came across this website, Playlist for Life, while reading about playlists for people with dementia (we work in a mental health hospital). We spent some time reading through the famous and not-so-famous people’s playlist choices and their reasons for them, which was lovely.

We also shared what five songs would be on our playlists for life, which was a really nice five minute activity on the last day before Christmas. My own playlist contains more than a little cheese, but here it is:

  • Simple song – The Shins – one of few songs I know all the words to, and my absolute favourite. It’s on every playlist for in the car and I always sing it loudly
  • Chain of fools – Aretha Franklin – dancing around the kitchen in my student house in Exeter with my housemate singing this song
  • Grease lightening from Grease. I don’t actually like this song! But we were made to choreograph dances to it in PE at school, so it’s branded in my memory forever!
  • Oh bondage up yours – X-Ray Spex – reminds me of my Dad playing records once we’d all gone to bed
  • I’ve had the time of my life – from Dirty Dancing – me and my sisters were obsessed with this film as kids and used to try to do the dance to this song!

Not necessarily all my favourite songs, but all definitely evoke strong memories for me. What would be on yours?


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