Make your own Library Conversation Starter

Are you shy? Introverted? Don’t like talking to strangers? Introducing the Library Conversation Starter, the perfect tool for your open day or promotional event.

Fortune teller template - imageA few weeks ago it was Time to Talk day. We had a display in the library, which included promotional and information materials, one of which was a ‘fortune teller’ conversation starter – the sort you used to make as a kid.

We really liked this idea, so pinched it for our open day last week. A library conversation starter! It’s a bit of silliness, but good fun. And I liked it so much, I am sharing the template, so you can make your own.

Inside I included ‘fortunes’ like “How do you usually search for evidence?” and “When did you last visit the library, and why?

Click the link below to download the PowerPoint template. You’ll want to print this as Full Page Slides.

Conversation starter fortune teller template

Some points of note/neat tricks:

  • I changed the default slide to a square, using Design > Page setup (dimensions 20×20)
  • I have grouped objects, to make duplicating and moving them easier. Select the objects, right click on the outside lines, click Group
  • Speaking of duplicating, did you know Ctrl+D will duplicate an object? Sometimes this is a lot easier than Ctrl+C + Crtl+V!
  • To get the lorem filler text, type =lorem(1) in a text box

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