Reflection (in Norway)

Last week I passed revalidation of my CILIP Chartership. The process was simple and all done through the CILIP VLE. I did it in an afternoon. Quick and pain-free!

I hadn’t used the VLE before, as I submitted my Chartership portfolio just before they changed the regulations. At first I struggled to work out where to populate my online portfolio, but I think that was simply because I hadn’t used it before. If you were using it as a CPD log to record your activities, I can see that the revalidation process would be very simple indeed. As it was, I uploaded details of my CPD activities, and write a short reflective statement on them. There is a PDF guide on the VLE too, which takes you through it step-by-step.

You only need 20 hours of CPD activities, which when you start adding everything up isn’t very much. I had more than was necessary, and was therefore able to cherry-pick the activities which fit best the criteria for my statement.The statement is only 250 words, compared to 1000 for Chartership, so ditch any descriptive writing and stick purely to reflection. This is easier when you consider you have a log of your activities for the assessor to refer to.

Having revalidated a year after submitting my Chartership portfolio, it was an interesting experience to reflect on my first bit-more-than-a-year in this job role. I have done a lot of CPD through work to get myself up to speed with healthcare libraries and information, and I am glad to cement that through my revalidation achievement.

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