Compared to last year, 2015 has been low-key in terms of CPD. Last year I was working towards Chartership, and this year I took a purposeful step back from doing lots of library stuff. 2015 has looked different to 2014, but as with last year, I again only have 3 days of annual leave to last me to April.

Library stuff

My Twitter training is as popular as ever. I also started running reflective reading groups for nurses. Unfortunately, the turnout was low, but I have made adjustments for the next groups which will be running through 2016.

We’ve been putting a lot of effort into outreach within the organisation, and it’s wonderful to be seeing some reward for our efforts.

Personal achievements

My biggest achievement in 2015, however, was passing my driving test. I am very glad to have my Saturday morning lie-in back.

And not only did I learn to drive a car this year, I also got to drive a skidoo during my trip round Iceland.


One of my resolutions was to rock climb outdoors, and this September I visited Portland in Dorset with some climbing friends. I climbed a few sport routes and even led one. Scary, but good scary.


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