A new chapter!

After a little over two and a half years as a healthcare librarian in Reading, I’m leaving my job to take a break to go travelling. I’ve loved working here and I feel I have achieved a lot in the role. But it’s time to move on from Reading and try somewhere new; with an extended jaunt to the Southern Hemisphere first.


I’ve been in this job since January 2014. Since then, the library has changed its look, we’ve rationalised a lot of processes, and I’ve got a whole lot done. When I started, the NHS was a new environment for me (I still don’t understand a lot of it!) and I’ve enjoyed working with such dedicated and compassionate colleagues. Being a workplace library, our library users are our colleagues and I’ve enjoyed that dynamic.

I’m really proud of some of the things I’ve done in this role. I introduced Twitter workshops and reflective reading groups for nurses. I’ve contributed to our outreach activities to increase the visibility of the library service. The number of literature searches has rocketed, and I’ve kept up this momentum even when we have been a librarian short for 6+ months. Most of all, I’m proud of getting myself known around the organisation as someone who can help. My legacy, however, is the bright orange tables I insisted we purchase.

Library 2
Orange tables are always a good idea

I have also had some personal achievements over the last 2.5 years, including passing my driving test, and cycling to work – 5 miles each day and all uphill to work. Cycling has saved me well over £350 in bus fare, so I’m chuffed with that one!

It’s scary to leave my comfortable, permanent, full-time job (eek!) but I’m so excited to be seeing more of the world.

So this blog may be a little quiet, but I’ll be blogging my adventures over at Kangarooth Crossing if you’d like to follow my travels 🙂



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