Six months in Scotland

I don’t quite know how it happened already, but its six months since I moved to Scotland, and almost six months since I started my (now not-so-new) job. I think I can still get away with being new for the rest of the year.

Things are a little bit different in Scotland. Undergraduate degrees are four years long. A-levels are called Highers. Tenancy agents can’t charge fees, and there are no prescription charges. It’s wonderful.

Moody Scottish skies.

I’m feeling settled in Edinburgh. Summer hasn’t quite arrived and it’s already August, but I’m enjoying the easy access to beautiful Scottish countryside and the lively arts/food/did-I-mention-food scene in Edinburgh.

Closely followed by Oxford University, it’s the largest organisation I’ve worked for. At first I was daunted by the scale, but now I’m more familiar with my role and with the Medical School, I’m enjoying the opportunities that scale can give. There have been lots of professional development events already, including the Knowledge Exchange Week which meant visits and talks which stitched together the various information services teams.


A gem from New College’s collection

I’m currently experiencing my first Edinburgh Festival. Or, festivals. Because there is always one occurring, and usually multiple. The city has a buzz (though, I’ve been avoiding the buzziest places), and soon it will be my first Start of Semester One. I’m nervous about how busy it’ll get, but I’m enjoying the familiarity of the academic year.

I was going to sum up some of the things with which I’ve had to get to grips and some of the things I’ve learned, but there’s too much to cover. Suffice to say, this week alone, I have worked in three different hospitals, and seen half a human skeleton.


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