Bets woshes, Ruht

But did you know you can set up your own autocorrects to spell your name correctly in every email?!

If you’re like me, you spell your name wrong every third email. I’ve set up Outlook to turn Ruht, Rtuh, Ryth and Rutj into plain and simple Ruth.

First step, open your Outlook Options to the Mail window:

outlook options

Click on the Spelling and Autocorrect button. Here you’ll see a few options for customisation, but we want the AutoCorrect Options:

Autocorrect options

In the space under Replace text as you type, add your commonly misspelled word (i.e. your given name you have been spelling correctly since age 4 but somehow type incorrectly every single day) and what you would like to replace it with.

Ruht with Ruth

And of course it doesn’t have to just be your name. (Libary?)

Bets woshes, Ruht.

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